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Give a Try for Dates Powder- Uses & Application

Dates are loved by sundry for their sweetness and nutrients. Dates have been used as natural sweeteners for many centuries. Even in contemporary kitchens, dates occupy a special corner. The best thing about dates is if stored properly they can last for more than a year. 

However, as life has become much busier and faster now, modern cooks prefer to use dry date powder instead of real dates. Choosing readymade dates powder gives the cook to experiment without devoting more time in the preparation.


Uses of Dry Dates Powder can be enlisted as:

Dry dates powder has become an essential ingredient of modern kitchen cabinets. They are becoming hugely popular for their ease to use and store even in small kitchens. The demand for date powder has increased as it is now widely used in the following:

Beverage Industry-
Most of the beverage industries use it as a thickener for drinks like- flavoured milk or yoghurt. Dried dates powder imparts a memorable flavour with a pleasant fragrance.

A Savoury Twist-
When was the last time you had ice cream with dates or a cake with the fragrance and flavour of juicy dates? Most of the traditional dishes attain a “sweet” twist when dates powder is added.

A Natural Sweetener-
We are all aware of the harms of adding too many artificial sweeteners to the edibles. They not only reduce the nutritional value of the food but also have long-term adverse effects on our health. Whereas dates not only impart sweetness to the desserts but also increase its nutrients’ content.

A Boon for the Diabetics-
Most of the diabetics are unable to consume sweet desserts which are prepared with artificial sweeteners. But sweets prepared with dates can be consumed by sundry. Even those people who are either allergic to synthetic sweetener can enjoy the sweetness of dates. 

Instant Energizer-
Dates contain high levels of easily absorbable glucose. This makes them a “superfood”. Thus many energy bars or energy drinks use
date powder as their primary constituent. It makes them tastier and healthier, especially for children.

Seasoning for Nuts-
The dates powder are often used to season other nuts like almonds, walnuts to enhance the price and enrich the taste. Such nut packs are very popular amongst the children. Kids are quite fussy and it becomes easy to feed those nuts when they come enriched with the taste of dates.

Dressing for Salads-
Do you know why children are so fond of mixed fruit salads? The reason is the yummy dressing. Dressings add beauty, temptation, and even nutrition to the fruit salad. Dressings often have dry date powder as one of its constituents.
Dry Date powder adds both sweetness and nutrients to the salad dressing.

Mass Building Supplements-
Many bodybuilding health supplements use dry dates powder as one of their main constituents. Date powder provides taste, minerals, and other micronutrients.

Uses in Alternative Medicine-
Dates for a long time are used in traditional medicines like Ayurveda and Yunnan medicines. Dates treat anaemia and other blood disorders. They promote all over body growth and are beneficial for growing children.

Herbal Powder Mixes-
Many herbal powder mixes use date powder as their components as it has many nutritional benefits, pleasant aroma, and sweet taste. These herbal mixes are used in cooking, pharmaceutical preparations, and other beverages.

Why Spray-Dried Dates Powder?

Lately, Spray-dried date powder has become more popular because it is available in the market. It can stay for longer periods than original dates.  It is a ready-to-use product that reduces the cooking time and eases the procedure as well.

And when bought by reliable manufacturers, the quality of the date powder is not compromised at all. Dry date powder has become very popular with professional chefs, homemakers, and dessert manufacturers as a natural sweetener.

It has become relatively easier to find dry date powder on market shelves. Many reputed companies are venturing into the commercial production of dry date powder. Right from chefs to dessert manufacturers to cosmeticians, everyone is utilizing the dry date powder to enhance the quality of their products. If you are looking to buy 100% genuine dry date powder, then you can buy from Mevive international. They are one of the most genuine names in the production of readymade food products. Their products are manufactured hygienically and have a long shelf life that guarantees a long term investment.

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