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Short Note on Red Chilli Powder & Coriander (Seeds) powder

Spare a thought for the spicy curators of purity and taste. Spice rack in any kitchen will start its collection with these two dominant jars. One is fireball red chilli powder and another is healing coriander powder. The food may vary yet the spice box remains constant. The increasing interest for ethnic Indian cuisines and the need for staple drives the demand for the red chilli and coriander powders. They can bring out mouth-watering flavours in any cuisine. A bland food can be set on fire with this powder house. 

A Pinch Value: 

India is the world’s largest consumer as well as producer of red chilli powder & coriander powder. Indian masala remains incomplete without a pinch involvement of these both. Bulks of red chilli peppers are dried and pulverised to get red chilli powder with intensified spiciness in every pinch. The coriander (Dhania) powder is made out of coriander seeds for its mild flavour and aroma. 

Trends & Lookouts: 

Bold flavour and rich texture of spice powders will be the rage for 2020. Food trend forecasters agree that there is a high demand for spicy new flavour combinations. In spite of COVID-19 pandemic, people still continue to expand their culinary horizons by exploring various cuisines. Ethnic Indian cuisines are trending across the world. Change in consumer lifestyle leads to the rise in health concerns. Demand for the red chilli and coriander powders will create a sharp rise in the production of masala powders, meat patties, sauces, pickles, chips and snacks. Even there is an increase in demand for Indian spice powders in overseas cuisine. 

We took a step forward to take regional local flavours to a global level by supplying our spice powders to FMCG food products. We provide pure and authenticated products that help in enriching a meal with healthy and improved taste.

The Heat is On: 

Most of the global consumers prefer spiciness when dining out as well as in choosing instant products. We owe to respond the call for natural and less processed versatile powders. These powders act as a catalyst in balancing the flavour of food. 

Red chilli powder is the major hot spice known for its spiciness and pungent aroma. They are rich in colour and have a sharp flavour. It has got medicinal and antibiotic properties. They are used in bulks for preparing chutneys, masala, pickles, soups and sauces. 

Coriander powder is the mild seed spice that is warm, nutty and spicy in nature. They are widely used in chutney, curry pastes, food processing, masala, pickles, soups and spice mix. It is the essential ingredient for barbecue. 

Instant Masala includes the biryani masala, curry masala, chaat masala, channa masala, veg & non-veg masala, paav bhajji masala, panipuri masala, sambhar powder. Instant noodles use these powders in tastemakers. 


Pause Now: 

Bulk buying the spice powder contributes to your pocketbook by not paying for individual packaging. It’s a green way of buying products. There is no risk of storing these powders in bulks
since they remain fresh for a longer period of time. Before bulk purchasing, we will ensure to meet your goals by delivering our products under food safety and good product quality. 

Mr. Perfect: 

We leave no stone unturned by getting the freshest red chilli peppers and coriander seeds directly from the farmers to retain taste and purity. Strict manufacturing methods are done under quality standards. We source, process and distribute the goodness of nature by delivering adulterated free and zero pesticide residual products. This is a simple straightforward method that helps the buyers in storing the products fresh and safe.

Hotel Industries, Masala Companies, Namkeen, Readymade tastemakers/chutneys, bakeries are continuing to purchase and consume our products for the aroma, colour, flavours and taste. 

Stock Up:

Businesses and retailers are looking to stock these masala powders as they sense rapid growth in the demand for these powders. From sourcing to packaging to delivering we owe you to give hygienic powders with moisture-proof packaging. Save your time and money by purchasing in bulks since it got easier. The speciality of our products is that we retain the aroma, flavour and nutritional values. Invest wisely on our bulks for your health.

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