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Greenish yellow in colour, Spray Dried Gooseberry Powder is a free flowing and natural herbal powder. Gooseberry is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine that has been recognised for its health beneficial properties since ancient times. Spray Dried Gooseberry Powder matches the richness of a typical fresh gooseberry (amla) that has a sour, bitter and astringent taste. Made out of organic gooseberries, this powder adds an additional burst of authentic and aromatic flavour to various forms of dishes. It is also a natural hair conditioner that deeply nourishes hair and makes them look stronger, shiny and lustrous. Spray Dried Gooseberry Powder is moisture free but 100% soluble and is widely acclaimed for its purity with the goodness of nutrients.

Fresh gooseberries are washed and then to remove bad ones are sorted out and later crushed. The seeds are carefully removed and the juice is then filtered. Further, the gooseberry juice is thickened in the form of a concentrate. A carrier is added to it to ensure uniformity in the drying process. The mixture is then fed in to a spray dryer and pumped through a tiny nozzle in to a heated chamber with a blow of hot air that causes quick evaporation of water from the mixture resulting in the fruit powder to get collected at the outlet.

Spray Dried Gooseberry Powder is consumed in a variety of food applications be it in natural juices, health drinks, pickles, chutneys, jams, desserts and even candies. It can also be used for rice food mixes, salads, raitas, health foods and other nutritional supplements, etc. The powder can be sprinkled on fruits such as banana, apple or papaya and had as a mid-meal snack. Apart from cooking, it is also used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

We are a widely acclaimed manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality of Spray Dried Gooseberry Powder. Made of hygienically processed ingredients sought from trusted vendors, our offered range of products is the purest form of gooseberry. Also, the composition of our Spray Dried Gooseberry Powder makes it the most effective natural remedy to prevent ailments of various kinds. Our skilled professionals ensure that our products are in conformity with the set industry standards. In air-tight packaging, they are offered at very cost effective price ranges

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