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3 Magical Food Ingredients for a New Product Development

Taking a walk through any kitchen, certain ingredients will always find its way to stay. The heartbeat of Indian Cuisines are considered to be Onion, Garlic & Ginger. But, just imagine buying these vegetables not sure about the Quality, Seasonal Prices and some well coated but rotten inside. The shifting and modern mindset of the consumers drive the Demand for Instant / Ready to Eat Food Products that are affordable. The Dehydrated Food Market thus ended this problem by innovating the concept of “Remove Moisture for Longer Shelf Life”. The people consider these concepts as burden-less companions for their hectic schedule.

3 in 1 Trilogy?

Does anyone not like the Masala of Instant Noodles? 2 minutes solution for hunger is none other than the instant noodles. Can just one single masala packet spread the aroma to the entire area? But how? This is because of the 2:1:1 ratio ingredients. Will you trust that these same ingredients that attract people through aroma are used in ketchup? So yes. The trilogy is Dehydrated onion, garlic and ginger powder. These three when together produce a synergistic result rather than stood alone. 

Dehydrated Powders for Instant Foods:

Everyone might have the craze for biryani just because of it’s flavour, aroma, taste and name. The secret behind those is actually getting the onions, garlic and ginger done right. Not everyone likes to have a big garlic chunk while eating the dish. These dehydrated powder provides the same flavour without any chunks. Don’t worry about the cooking time or the ingredient getting burnt when you use these dehydrated powders. Making a biryani is an art that gives a ray of hope to the instant mix and readymade products.

To be one cooking expert pro the mission will be getting these dehydrated powders done in proportion. Being the spinal cord of Indian cuisines, the masala powders take complete responsibilities of making one aromatic and yummy dish. We Indians usually need masalas to spice up life as well as food items. A day without masala is like eggs without yolks. Anything and everything needs masala in Indian Cuisines. Thus, these masala powder extends its family in the names of garam masala, tandoori masala, meat masala, chaat masala, sambhar masala, biryani masala. They further entered the next generation of the instant mix like chutney powder, variety rice mix powder, gravy mix, mutton & chicken masala powders. The mix will be made as per the locality of the products such as Chettinad style, traditional style or western style covering the entire global market.

Why these Seasonings?

The primary reasons to use the dehydrated powder is for the look, texture and strong aromatic smell. They have added advantages of losing storage space without compromising flavours and long shelf life period of 12 months. These seasoning mainly keeps the consumer from tears by not chopping off the ingredients. Another additional tablespoon of benefit is that there are no chunks so that they gel and mix well with the dishes.

Remove M to get P?

Farm Grown Fresh Veggies are collected for processing and eliminating Moisture to get dehydrated or dried Powder. That’s what a dehydration process deals with. So, the process is not as easy as the definition because when you give ample the result will be few. Let it be fresh or powdered only the texture changes but not the nutritional benefits. They remain rich in vitamins B & C, act as antioxidants, health supplements, treat cough, cold and flu, aids digestion. They are crispy, lightweight, portable and contain moisture less than 5%.

Why “Ginger, Garlic, Onion Powder” a Magical Ingredients?

The most common attracting factor for customers will be quality, aroma, flavour and texture. Each dehydrated powder has distinct flavours but the pungency and spicy flavour of dehydrated onion powder, garlic powder and ginger powder unite them together. They do have attractive colours that make them unique seasonings. They are available in the forms of flakes, minced, granules, chopped and powders. The dehydrated onion powder will be available in red, pink or white colours. Since garlic belongs to the onion family, the dehydrated garlic powder does have the same white colour. The dehydrated ginger powder is usually brownish in colour.

Standalone Market Segmentation:

Are the dehydrated powders used only for culinary purposes? Well, no! So, as per the market, the dehydrated onion powder is used by the Food Processing & HealthCare Sector (Food Chain, Households & Restaurants) for its medicinal values. The dehydrated garlic powder has rising demands in the FMCG Sector as well as Pharmaceutical Companies. The preferences for Dehydrated Garlic Powder in B2B is comparatively higher than B2C. Due to the presence of Natural Flavours, distinct Taste and AntiOxidant Properties dehydrated ginger powders are used in Nutraceutical Industry, Cooking, Baking & Confectionery, Aromatherapy, Beverages & Cosmetics. It is also used as Health Supplements.

About Us:

Ready to buy dehydrated powder but where to get it? Will they be of good quality? So yes, Mevive International delivers quality-centric dehydrated products with halal certification. Mevive International is one well-established exporter in the current market.

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