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Brief Note on Noodles & Soup Ingredients

Walking down the memory lane, the nostalgic moments flood my mind with the cloudy sky and a steaming hot bowl full of instant noodles. The instant noodles captured the stomachs of people worldwide since they are the quickest solution for the hunger pangs. Later, it has become an integral part of the diet. Are you too lazy to cook up a warm meal? Get instant noodles for a quick meal. The obsession with Ready to Eat (RTE) food products rapidly increases because of the busy schedules, varying dietary plans, minimal cooking skills and time. These quick-cook meals are available in packets and cups at affordable prices. To be more specific, the cheap price of instant noodles created the demand. What exactly matters is the code behind the silver pack. Yes! It’s the tastemaker packet that gives instant aroma and taste.

The Silvery Sachet’s Secret

The unique taste enhancer maintained as a secret magical ingredient for instant noodles never forgets to delight the taste buds. Have you ever attempted to find those ingredients to make one healthy tastemaker? The reason behind the craving for instant noodles is the tastemaker. For the tasty spice mix, we require the right ingredients in the right proportion. Go ahead for a tour to know more.  


Transformation Tour of Instant Noodles into Complete Meal

It’s time to discuss the game-changer that make one instant noodles into a complete meal. A complete food or meal is one that is packed with the essential nutrients. But how come instant noodles become nutritional? It’s because the dried powders used for tastemakers are highly loaded with antioxidants, fiber, proteins, and vitamins. This powder serves the people with the energy required for one entire day. But what are they? 

The parent and the children 

Instant Noodles are usually long strips made up of all-purpose flour / Maida / Wheat Flour dough. They can be either cooked or fried. The instant noodles have become an inevitable choice because of its silver sachet. They have got the tastemaker parents: dried vegetables and dried green leaves. They have many children but still, they pick up some to work for the spicy tastemaker. Let me tell you all the children who work for this flavorsome powder. 

Need universal ingredients for Noodles & Soup? 

The universal ingredients are mentioned in the image. But, just follow my footsteps to know the secret destination. A simple definition for the dried vegetables and green leaf powders are moisture removed powders for a concentrated flavor and longer shelf life. This crushed powder promotes the health and immune system. 

 The dried ingredients mentioned in the image are used for the tastemaker’s preparation. But what else to add? Yes! There are a few secret keys that add an extra nutritional boost. They are the onion powder, garlic powder, ginger powder, Black Pepper Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Coriander Powder, Cornflour, Cumin Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Garam Masala, Nutmeg Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Salt and Turmeric Powder. Need Cheese Partners for traveling? Purchase the Processed Cheese Powder and Cheddar Cheese Powder. 

Flaky Zone! 

Need some attracting bright colored healthy noodles? Here we go for the flakes! What are those flakes? They are the Dried Beans, Cabbage, and Carrot Flakes. Why particularly them? Easy Add-ins for appealing the eyes with color, texture, and taste. Discolouration free flakes with nutritional benefits that are topped over these instant noodles to add more flavor. The flakes when sprinkled over the noodles spread the aroma and stimulate the appetite. 

Why Carrot, Cabbage, Beans Flakes/Powder? 

The CCB here is the dried Carrot, Cabbage, and Beans powders that act as the natural food coloring agent for sauces, soups, and stews. The sweet-flavored Dried Carrot Powder thickens the soup/stew. The dried cabbage powder helps in maintaining the digestive tract healthy by providing dietary fibre and water content. The dried beans powder provides an important source of proteins for the food.  

Why Dried Vegetable Powder?

Exactly, the question that pops up is “why dried powders?”. Seasonal Vegetable loses its nutrients in offseason. So, it’s the right choice to dehydrate vegetables to retain nutrients. Also, it’s quite hard to chew your fresh veggies because of its taste. But anyhow, we need nutrient-rich veggies right?  How do I let that in? Yes! These nutrients can be added in the form of dried powders.  
Just imagine adding entire fresh veggies to a single pack of noodles. You have to send in a crew to find the noodles in the veggie sea. The aim is to get all possible nutrients available in different vegetables without overcrowding. How to get nutrients without overloading veggies? Just by preparing the tastemaker using dried vegetables and dried green leaves, the body allows the entire nutrients to enter without ease. No chewing, no crunching, no worries of having chunks, no sautéing. The powdered veggies melt in the mouths of people. I would call this as one quick energy loaded and time-saving hack.

Surrendering to the sway of the instant noodles 

People can agree that instant noodles have become the symbol of travelers and workaholics. But, why? Because we don’t need stove all times, just a kettle or hot water dispenser can help to cook this. Also, one scoop of this tastemaker contains the combination of many dried vegetables and dried greens. These healthy tastemakers slowly increased the intake of vegetables by humans and have become an easy way to add veggies to diet. The combination of dried veggies and dried greenies give away colorful, flavored, healthier, spicy and tangy taste. Where else I can use this tastemaker? We can make soups, bhel puri, masala chaat, cutlets, pasta, pakoda, samosa using this tastemaker.

What’s the next stop? 

One-stop to shop all. Yes! Our destination has arrived. We prepare 1kg of dried powders from 7 to 8 kgs of fresh veggies/fruits/leaves. We pack you up with a huge amount of nutrients in a single jar. Do you need the finest high-quality food ingredients? Then stop to shop here!


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