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Nutraceuticals/ Herbaceuticals/ Ayurvedic Ingredients- Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter

Nutraceutical refers to any sort of nourishing food that provides protection against chronic health problems. The word “nutraceutical” is a combination of two words – “nutrient” (a nourishing food component) and “pharmaceutical” (a medical drug). The basic philosophy is focussing on prevention by ke…

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Masala / Instant Gravy Ingredients- Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter

Masalas are one of the things that make Indian food very distinct and so full of flavour. An essential to Indian cuisine, masalas are an aromatic blend of spices, made in the traditional way. Typically, a vast array of whole spices are toasted and ground into a finely-powdered complex spice mixes fo…

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Food Ingredients- Necessity of Natural Flavouring, Colouring, Sweetening

The term “food ingredient” includes any substance that is added to a food to achieve the desired effect. Food ingredients provide convenience and allow food manufacturers to produce a wide variety of foods that are safe, appetizing, uniform, nutritious and tasty. Ingredients perform a variety of fun…

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