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Masalas are one of the things that make Indian food very distinct and so full of flavour. An essential to Indian cuisine, masalas are an aromatic blend of spices, made in the traditional way. Typically, a vast array of whole spices are toasted and ground into a finely-powdered complex spice mixes for maximum flavour. 

The most common form of spices that go into Masalas or even Instant Gravies and their quantities, combinations and variations are just endless. Instant masalas are not only made up of these spice mixes but also carry the distinct fragrance of vegetables in varied forms. These include,

Dehydrated Vegetables:

With their concentrated flavour, dehydrated vegetables add a great zing to various culinary delicacies that call for fresh ones. Light and crispy, dehydrated vegetables give strong veggie hits by adding an intense and natural aroma. So, these versatile staples are loaded with nutritional value too.

Onion Powder- Light and crisp, Dehydrated Onions are powdered and carry the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavour.
Garlic Powder- Pale yellow, Dehydrated Garlic carries a strong and slightly spicy flavour.
Green Chilli Powder- They give a superior spicy taste, adding a natural colour.
Tamarind Powder- Pure and fresh, it adds a sour yet tangy delicacy. 
Ginger Powder- Known for its medicinal value, it offers sweet and spicy flavour and aroma. 
Amchur Powder- Pale in colour, it is wonderfully aromatic with a tart yet fruity flavour.
Potato Powder- Widely acclaimed as a thickening agent, it is of supreme nutritional value.
Capsicum Powder- Processed from finest of capsicums, it has a rich taste and tangy flavour.
Beans Flakes- Light and crisp, they are nutritionally rich and add a great taste and colour. 
Carrot Flakes-Bright orange-red in colour, they offer a perfect blend of health and taste.
Cabbage Flakes-Widely acclaimed for its taste and texture, it adds great aroma and flavour.

Dried Leaves:

Natural and pure, Dried Leaves are directly taken from the fresh leaves of the plant and sun-dried. Dried Leaves add an extra flavour and a mild and pleasant leaf-like flavour to a variety of dishes and cuisine that make these delicate Dried Leaves, a wonderful garnish on almost any dish.

Curry Leaves Powder: It makes food healthy and tasty along with the pleasing aroma.
Mint Leaves Powder: An aromatic and flavourful condiment, it makes dishes and beverages all the more appetising.
Kasuri Methi Leaves Powder: A popular spice, it has a bitter taste and a pungent odour.
Lemongrass Powder: A subtle citrus Earthy flavour, it is convenient for consistent use. 
Thyme Powder: It is used for seasoning, as it is naturally fragrant and tastes great.
Oregano Powder: An aromatic, spicy and pungent flavour, it is used for flavouring savoury dishes.
Rosemary Powder: Permanent to the mint family, it lets out a strong aromatic flavour.


Indian cuisine is known for its wide variety of spices that add bold and complex flavours. Spices focus on delivering heat, pungency, bitterness, sweetness, and plenty of earthy flavour. Popular Indian spices are great for preparing flavourful and intense curries and sumptuous gravy dishes.

Chilli powder: The scorching aroma adds a tongue-tingling effect with their sharp, spicy and zesty flavour
Turmeric powder: Other than beautiful hue, it has a distinct pungent and earthy fragrance.
Pepper powder: Woody, piney and highly pungent, it tastes sharp and spicy.
Coriander powder: It is a warm, nutty, spicy, and orange-flavoured traditional spice.
All Spices: A blend of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg flavour, it is a sweet spice that may be gently crushed to release more of their flavour.


Spray Dried Powder: 

Free-flowing and low hygroscopic by nature, Spray Dried Powders match the richness of a typical fresh vegetable or milk products or any ingredient (for that matter) with its characteristic natural flavour and a sweet-and-sour taste.

Cheese Powder- Its non-granular, smooth and creamy texture provides great taste (when mixed with other ingredients)
Curd Powder- All-natural powder and rich in taste, it can be added to a variety of recipes.
Tomato Powder-Made out of farm-fresh and choicest tomatoes, it is used in an array of food applications. 
Lemon Powder-This tangy flavoured powder tastes 100% natural and rich in nutrients. 

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