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Nutraceutical refers to any sort of nourishing food that provides protection against chronic health problems. The word “nutraceutical” is a combination of two words – “nutrient” (a nourishing food component) and “pharmaceutical” (a medical drug). The basic philosophy is focussing on prevention by keeping food as our medicine. 

Herbaceutical refers to a health or dietary supplement made with herbs or plant-derived components. Active elements as powerful as those found in compounds that are designated as medicines or drugs.

Ayurveda is based on the concept that health and wellness depend upon a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit. It is the world’s oldest and holistic healing system developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.


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Dried Herbs and Leaves:

Dried herbs and leaves have been adding flavours and aromas since times immemorial. Natural and pure, Dried Herbs and Leaves are the most convenient flavour boosters. With their mild and pleasant leaf-like flavour, just a handful of them is enough to transform a dish into something extraordinary.

Neem Leaf Powder- A multipurpose herbal ingredient, it is 100% natural and emits a very bitter flavour though its fragrance is sweet.
Curry Leaf Powder- They add a distinct fragrance and taste apart from a lot of nutrition, especially to South Indian dishes.
Aloe Vera Powder- 100% natural and organic, it gives a slightly bitter, acidic taste.
Basil Leaf Powder- Tasting spicy and bitter, they are commonly used for their medicinal value.
Mint Leaf Powder- Belonging to the Mentha family, they add an amazingly bright and bold flavour with a mild cooling effect. 
Peppermint Leaf Powder- Made out of the same aromatic herb with a higher menthol content, it adds a stronger flavour that gives a refreshing and energising feeling instantly.
Sage Leaf Powder- They emit a fragrant and warm and spicy flavour and also add an astringent and bitter taste.
Ashwagandha Leaf Powder- With medicinal value, it adds a bitter taste along with a lot of nutrients to our body.
Mudakathan Powder- This also adds a slightly bitter taste apart from its natural aroma and medicinal value.

Spice Powder:

Spice powder is made up of several ingredients with each one having its own natural benefits and essential minerals. It is often used as medicinal combinations that are rich in nutrients and bursting with fresh and authentic flavour.

Turmeric Powder- Made of hand-picked turmeric roots, they lend a superb, woody aroma and flavour.
Pepper Powder- Finely ground and really aromatic, it is known for its exceptional hot and spicy taste.
Fenugreek Powder- This great flavour enhancer adds authentic and addictive bitter taste and feels and makes them more tasty and nutritious.
Anise Powder- Rust-coloured, they are hotter, more pungent, more bitter, which makes them perfect for natural medicinal remedy.
Fennel Seed Powder- They are aromatic and strongly flavoured that not makes food tastier but also aids good health.
Cinnamon Powder- This humble bark has an aromatic sweet and wood-spice flavour with mild citrusy notes. If included in a daily diet, it brings irresistible benefits. 

Clove Powder- A bit sweet and a bit bossy; just a little pinch of it will go a long way in benefiting health as well.

Cardamom Powder- It strong fragrance and taste are often used as a flavouring agent in medicine.


Vegetable Powder:

Dehydrated vegetables are those, the moisture content of which is reduced by 15% by the sun-drying process. It is the best and natural method of preserving the nutrients of vegetable. So, they are also used to flavour medicines and take out the bitterness out of medicines. 

Ginger Powder- It not only has medicinal value, but it makes tea and milk healthy and tasty. 
Onion Powder- It gives a concentrated flavour and its intense fragrance makes it a good substitute for salt.
Garlic Powder- With a host of nutrients, it emits a sharp pungent fragrance that goes well with most herbs and spices, which makes it a popular ingredient in medicines.
Beetroot Powder- As it is very high in natural sugar content, it is popularly used as a sweetening ingredient in medicines. 
Bitter Gourd Powder- The most bitter among all fruits, its juice is the best medicine to cure several health problems.

Fruit Powder:

With its characteristic natural flavour and a sweet-and-sour taste that makes fruit powders suitable for medicinal purposes, as they are enriched with the goodness of nutrients. Also, the medicines are available in a variety of delicious fruity flavours that compensate for their bitterness. 

Grapes Powder- 100 per cent pure and all-natural, this is mostly used as energy drinks, supplement tablets and capsules etc.
Pomegranate Powder- Distinct sweet-tart flavour, it is used as a food supplement and traditionally supports a variety of health conditions.
Banana Powder- Sweet and rich in taste, it acts as a food supplement with numerous health benefits.
Papaya Powder- Natural and nutrient-rich, it is pressed into tablets and sold as medicine to cure several health problems.
Strawberry Powder- Its sweet aroma adds great taste and flavour serves as a good source of natural medicine.
Apple Powder- It is pleasant, sweet and rich of nutrients that have found several applications in dietary and nutritional supplements. 
Honey Powder- It is a great alternative to sugar and its natural goodness releases many vitamins and minerals.
Dates Powder- They serve as a natural sweetener and act as an excellent substitute for sugar. It is also a powerhouse of nutrition that provides instant energy.
Lemon Powder- Its intensely sour taste adds a citrus flavour that medicines are commonly coated with.

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