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Dry Fruits Seasoning with Fruit Powder

Winter is about to come! And it’s the right time to change the food chart for the season. Be on cloud nine to drown in this healthy ocean. It’s essential to drape with the warmth of nutrients and vitamins packed to the brim. All we need are the tasty nutrients that kill the cravings and helps in avoiding the junk for the good.

Crunchy Bites

In this multi-cuisine world, only a few will be both healthy and tasty. They are the colourful crunchy bites of joy that stands as the powerhouse of health. I would call them the combo of fullness and satisfaction. It’s the Dry Fruits.

The Crown and the King

Here, let me occupy everyone’s mind with the King of Dry Fruits and the Immunity Booster. When I talk about the King of Dry Fruits it’s all about the Almonds. The almonds are entitled as the King since they are fully loaded with essential fatty acids, fibre, proteins, selenium and zinc. And yes, the crown is the Immunity Boosting Cashew Nuts. These dried Almonds and Cashews are considered to have high medicinal values.

The Seasoning Impression

Usually, the second half of the year will be into the festive mode. It’s obvious that sweets are the primary component during festivals. Dry fruits pamper people with healthy diets when they are wrapped with different flavours. For some, there will be a discomfort in the raw intake of dry fruits. To provide some medium tangy taste we go forward for various flavours in almonds and cashews. The flavours are the additional boost for the dry fruits to get a unique taste in every single bite of the intake.

We provide more than 9 signature flavours to layer up the dry fruits like almonds and cashews. In detail, we categorise the flavours that cover the dry fruits as Chilli & Garlic Flavoured, Black Pepper Flavoured, Cheese & Onion Flavoured, Green Chilli Flavoured, Pepper Onion Flavoured, Fruit Flavoured, Honey Roasted Flavoured, Coco Flavoured, Strawberry Flavoured and Caramel Flavoured.

The Art of Eating

For some perfect plant-based diets that are chemical-free and to retain the nutritional quality for a long period, do prefer these flavours for the dry fruits. Both raw, as well as roasted and flavoured almonds/cashews, have the same nutritional value. It’s the aroma, flavour and the taste that makes the food appetising. They will be more preferred when it’s healthy. These flavours are provided by dry fruit powder and dry vegetables powder. Let’s look deeper into the flavours that can be incorporated for the dry fruits to unlock the health.

Chilli & Garlic Flavoured
More the garlic powder, more the flavour. Dry roasted almonds/cashews are sprinkled with chilli powder and garlic powder mix to party in the mouth.
Black Pepper Flavoured
Crispy roasted almonds/cashews coated with salt and black pepper powder. The best starter for the grilled steaks.
Cheese & Onion Flavoured
The fresh cheese powder and the dry onion powder are well suited to highlight and strengthen the almonds/cashews. This is the top choice for the wafers.
Green Chilli Flavoured
The green chilly powder gives hard and unusual flavour with a nutty crunch and fresh pungent taste. There will be sharp spiciness in this flavour.
Pepper Onion Flavoured
The pungent smell of pepper powder when combined with onion powder opens the taste buds easily with its flavour.
Fruit Flavoured
For almonds, fruit powders like apple, banana, orange, peach, pear and plum pairs well. These fruit powder mingles well to give the flavour.
Honey Roasted Flavoured
Fresh honey powder is warmed and liquified to pour over the roasted almonds/cashews. The honey powder sticks together to add the sweetened flavour.
Cocoa Flavoured
Cocoa powders are dipped over the almonds/cashews to provide the candy nutty taste.
Strawberry Flavoured
The rich fruity flavour is provided by strawberry powder when layered over almonds/cashews. They provide a smooth aromatic taste.
Caramel Flavoured
Golden thick syrup made from sugarcane when added over the almonds/cashews makes them creamy and crunchy.

The Partner in Crime

Usually, these flavoured dry fruits like almonds and cashews are considered to be the perfect travelling snack. They are also an ideal snack for the gym as well as the workplace. They are the best-suited add ons for cakes, ice cream, muffins, wafers and waffles. The assorted pack makes way for people to delight the taste buds with various flavours.

Almonds help in keeping the gut and the intestine healthy. Almonds are often accompanied by the layers of sweet chocolate. They have a longer shelf life since they are rich in Vitamin E. They also combat cancer. Cashews are basically fruits that are protein-rich with no cholesterol. Cashews are a good source of antioxidants.

Both almonds and cashews keep the skin hydrated and maintain good bone health. They treat anaemia and aid weight loss. They both maintain the nerve function and are heart-friendly too.

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