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Spray Dried Dates Powder | Manufacturer | Supplier in india

A fine brown coloured free flowing powder, Spray Dried Dates Powder is made out of the original "Sweets" of nature i.e. Dates that are considered as one of the top Super food . Made out of pure and most sought-after variety of dry dates, the Spray Dried Dates Powder lets out an aromatic flavour and tastes natural and as sweet as ever. It thus serves as a natural sweetener and is an excellent substitute for sugar. A powerhouse of nutrition, this powder provides instant energy and serves as a tasty snack for children and adults alike. Though moisture free, Spray Dried Dates Powder is well-soluble and adds a rich and intense texture to any sweet delicacy or savoury that leaves a very special mouth-feel that lasts long. This makes them perfect to be used as an instant food manufacturer or as an excellent seasoning ingredient in various food industries. So, spray dried dates powder is just an all-around awesome food.


Spray Dried Dates Powder is created out of the juice extracted out of the Dates fruit that is generally concentrated and pasteurised to be later mixed with a carrier so as to ensure uniform drying. The mixture is then fed in to a spray dryer and pumped through a tiny nozzle in to a heated chamber with a blow of hot air that causes quick evaporation of water from the mixture resulting in the fruit powder to get collected at the outlet.

Spray Dried Dates Powder makes for any delicious sweet recipe. It can be consumed as a nutritional food and serves as an instant baby food and can be used for making traditionally delicious sweets/ sweetmeats of any kind. For a natural and nutritional sweet flavour and texture, Spray Dried Dates Powder can be included in all your confectionary dishes such as Pancakes, Muffins, Cakes and  Cookies, Puddings, Grain-free Baking Mixes, Health Drinks and other Nutritional Supplements. It is often used as a natural sweetener and used in to smoothies, juices, salads, energy snack in milk, porridge, kheer, sheera, dosa or baked goodies.

We are a renowned organisation widely-acclaimed by our clients as a manufacturer and supplier of Spray Dried Dates Powder of the finest quality. Our complete product array is processed using hand-picked and carefully chosen ingredients supported by a well functional infrastructural unit in as per the set food industry norms. When it comes to quality, Mevive International is consistently striving for perfection in the products that we offer. We follow the highest standards of food safety measures as mandated by food regulators. Our Spray Dried Dates Powder is loved and relished for its rich taste, freshness and purity. And, these powders are hygienically packed air-tight in tamper proof packs to increase their shelf life and are offered at very competitive prices in the market.

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