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Freeze Dried Product

Mevive International has forayed into emerging as the prime manufacturer and supplier of a wide assortment of the finest quality of specialized Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables that are not only crunchy but tasty too. Freeze-drying the vegetables protects both, their awesome flavour and fine nutrients as well.

Freeze Dried Vegetables

Our collection of a wide variety of Freeze Dried Vegetables will be ideal for storage especially during the lean period such as in case of an emergency.  And, these veggies will help ensure that the nutritional requirement of your family is met for a healthy diet. Capitalizing on our state-of-the-art technology, we are committed towards providing quality approved Freeze Dried Vegetables to our clients. Our Freeze Dried Vegetables thus have an increased shelf life to an unmatchable extent and taste similar to the real and fresh ones. 

Freeze dried Peas

Freeze dried Okra

Freeze dried Turmeric

Freeze dried Ginger

Freeze dried French Beans 

Freeze dried Beetroot slice

Freeze dried Green bell Paper

Freeze dried Carrot

Freeze Dried Banana and Sweet Corn Suppliers in india