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Spray-Dried Ingredients

Spray Dried Fruit & Vegetable Juice Powders

We offer 100% all natural real fruit & vegetable juice powders which is convenient to use and with more shelf life.

Using Fresh

  • Using conventional fresh fruit can involve time consuming procedures, a lot of wastage, seasonal variation of cost & low shelf life.
  • Food Industries are looking out for new methods of ingredient application while minimizing cost, time & wastage, while maintaining quality & flavor of the ingredients.

Using Spray Dried Fruit Powder

  • Our line of Fruit Powders meet all the guidelines of the food service industry.
  • Eliminates the hazels of using conventional fresh apple like peeling, cutting, slicing, chopping.
  • Maintaining the quality, increasing the shelf life to upto 1 year
  • Reducing the cost considerably.
  • No wastage at all.

Highly cost effective : We use 7-8 kilos of fresh fruit to produce 1 Kg of Spray Dried Fruit Powder hence flavour is highly concentrated only small quantities are required for meeting the desired flavour.

Usage Fact : Use only 100gms of Spray Dried Fruit Powder in a 1 Litre drink preparation, where as 2.5Kg of fresh fruit is required in-order to achieve the same results.

We have developed these products to eliminate the issues raised due to the usage of conventional fresh ingredients.
We believe that these products are a game changer which caters to all segments of the food industry.
Our products can be used in a variety of applications in the current food ingredient industry


Spray Dried Lemon juice powder

Storage & Shelf Life

Store in cool place ,with temp.not exceeding 14 C.
Air-conditioned room advisable .

Store in a dark/dry place away from sunlight, Avoid humidity.
Use entire pack quantity in a single use if bag tightly after every use.

Shelf Life of 1 year under recommended storage conditions.

Value Additon
Packing : Private Labeling | Customized Packing

Commonly used Biscuit Flavoring, Biscuit Cream Flavoring, Bakery & Confectionary, Candy Flavoring, Fruit Sauces, Ice Cream Flavoring, Health Drink Flavoring , Fruit Juice Applications, Health Supplement Flavoring, Food Premixes, Extruded Snacks Food Application and Instant Food Applications.